Monday, October 28, 2013

Our first book reports!

 The boys had their very first book report.
They had to decorate a pumpkin like the character from the book they chose and answer questions about the book.
Z read this book at his pediatrician's office and REALLY, REALLY wanted to do his book report on it.  We had to beg to borrow the book.  He just loves Dolphins (and whales).
H was easier. He loves Curious George and he likes making pancakes (as well as eating them) so he was sold on this book as the one he wanted to do his report on, from the moment he knew he had a report to do.

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Auntie christina said...

Omg. Just stumbled on cute!,,, what a great idea.....go teachers!!! Ps of course the boys are pretty darn cute as well!!!