Sunday, August 16, 2009

Snack Time!

Zachary enjoying his goldfish! Look at that smile! And he's so sweet, he's offering me one!
Yeah....goldfish! When we say, "Yeah!" We usually get clapping to go along with it. You can see I caught Zachary mid-clap.
We have been practicing some signs with them...Hunter, here, is signing for more.

Our boys love snacktime.

Monday, August 10, 2009

rub a dub dub

a boy in a tub, errr....a dog dish!
Hunter had me cracking up one day as he amused himself w/ Chloe's Dish

Our boys first kiddie pool adventure

taken 6/27.... we started w/ the pool under the deck to make it less bright for the boys.
now, we've moved the pool to the top, as they have decided they like to go out on the deck bright sun or not!

update on sleeping...

people have been asking if its gotten any better...

yes...and no.

Yes- now when they wake they aren't staying up for three hours

No- we seem to be doing more frequent wake ups

We had transitioned them to an earlier bedtime than what China had them on. We felt 9pm was just too late for such little guys. So now they go to bed by 8pm. They are out right away....Yeah!
But consistently 2 1/2 hours later they are up...or at least one of them is.

Last night went like this: in bed by sounds at all coming from the room by 8:05.

10:30- Hunter
10:45- Hunter again
11:30 - Zachary
12:47- Zachary
3:40- Zachary
6:10- Zachary (followed by last ditch effort of bringing him into our bed for a hopeful few more minutes of sleep)
6:30- Hunter (ditto to above note, but w/ Daddy getting him)
7:00- both boys officially awake

As you can see there is not a lot of sleep time in there for Mommy. We are continuing to try the recommendations from our adoption groups, but if this doesn't get any better we may have to look to some professionals.
(But, actually, this IS better than where we were a month ago....then they weren't going back to sleep in 10 minutes or was 2-3 hour periods of trying to get them quieted back this at least feels a bit better. I just wish I was the kind of person who could konk out the minute my head hits the pillow...but not the case. I am usually just drifting off when the next wake up call begins...sigh.)