Wednesday, November 17, 2010

first day of school

A major milestone.... our little guys first day of school. Pre-pre-K as they call it around here.
Also known as mothers morning out (Yeah!!!!!!)
We knew this was going to be huge for them, being away from mom (those who know us know we have some anxious attachment going on....w/ sleep issues still going pretty strong. For those going WHAT???? Anxious attachment short version is they are attaching to us pretty strongly but are anxious that it could change, that they could lose us ). But we practiced, prepped, and did just about everything we could think of to get the boys on board.
We read books, we visited the classroom and played (many weekends...advantage of having the school at your church!) to get the boys more comfortable, we talked about the routine, we had the boys pick out special backpacks and lunchboxes, we let them pick out a new shirts at the store for their first day of school., had special lunches (out to eat for pizza) to celebrate their first week, gave them special prizes for staying the whole day (by whole I mean the 9:30 to 12 that was the day when they started)...etc
and it was still pretty rough. the school which originally said they didn't want parents to come in to the class w/ the boys gave up on that real fast and let me join the class for several classes w/ me leaving partway through (the same way I got the boys to work w/ their speech therapist w/ out me in the room) and FINALLY.... they transisitioned.
I am pleased to say they are doing AWESOME!!!!!! They love school. Zachary even went to school w/out Hunter one day because H was sick. I was shocked!!! But it went great. I think the big thing for them, like many children, is knowing the routine. Once they were sure I was coming back to get them and they realized how fun school is they were hooked. They still like to pick their clothes out for school, and like to see what snacks or lunches first thing in the morning on school day mornings.... did I mention we even moved to LunchBunch! they stay one extra hour now. till 1...I asked the boys if they wanted to have lunch at school w/ the other kids and they absolutely were in!!!!
These photos were of the very first day, unfortunately before I could capture a good one someone needed a diaper change and then it was time to go!
I have to say it is amazing now to drop them off....they give me a kiss or hug....IF THEY REMEMBER!!! some days they are too busy running to see the teachers and the other kids. Just makes me smile.