Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Cuties!

They sent us an update on them when they turned one!
It's really cold there so they bundle them up. This picture was taken on 1/19/09.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Received Fingerprint Invitation!

"Fingerprinting? I thought you did that already. "
Yes we did.
But our current USCIS approval is about to expire.
So we had our homestudy update done and our agency sent everything off for our request to renew on 2/2. I can't believe we got the request for re-fingerprinting so quickly! What a nice surprise! And another treat is that we get one "freebie" on renewing our paperwork so this time it's not an extra expense (except of course the homestudy update fee). And our appointment for fingerprints is next week! Deniece in Colorado suggested that we send a picture of the boys with our request for our new I-797 so we did that! Maybe that's why we were invited so quickly! Thanks Deneice!!!! I wouldn't have thought of that!

I have been/am afraid that the renewal process would get screwed up somehow ( last time our approval got lost in the mail twice!) and that our aproval from China will come but we will be waiting on the USCIS. Maybe this is a sign that everything will run smoothly this time. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

We were told that currently they are taking about 4 months to complete the renewals right now. I am hoping that it gets done sooner!

Last time:
request for I-797 : 7/11
received fingerprint invitation: 8/9
fingerprint date: 8/18
received USCIS approval: 10/26

This time:
request for I-797: 2/2
received fingerprint invitation: 2/17
fingerprint date: 2/26
received USCIS approval: ????

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Referal Pictures....The Boys!

Here are the referal pictures we received for our sweet boys and some information about them.
TP is in the pink walker, and TD in the blue. We believe these pictures were taken when they were about 10 months old, the info is from then as well.
"T D is extremely cute. The nannies all really like him. Every nanny is willing to hold him and play with him to make him happy. When he breaks into a smile, it is extraordinarily adorable. He is the spitting image of a little Mi Le Buddha (Maitreya). He is now already able to move around with ease in the baby walker. Sometimes he will run to other rooms to visit. Compared with his little brother TP, TD is a little quieter and more gentle.
Compared with his older brother TD, TP is a little more lively and active. He especially likes for people to hold him. He likes to listen to the nanny sing songs. He most likes to have the nanny hold and kiss him. After September, he was able to sit in the baby walker and glide about all over the place.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We have PA!

"What is that?" You may ask!


They stand for Pre-Approval.

What does that mean to us?

We can FINALLY spill the beans that we have requested to adopt twin boys!!!!

Yes TWINS, and yes BOYS! (but you probably already guessed that by the blue paint if you looked at my previous post)

We sent a LOI- Letter of intent to our agency which was then logged in to the CCAA in China. It was logged in on 1/20/09 the boys one year birthday.

The PA is China's response back that they recognize our desire to adopt these specific children, and that they will now work on getting our file together with the boys files so that we can be officially matched and reviewed.

Once they complete this process they will send back to us a LOA- Letter of Acceptance to let us know that we have been officially approved to adopt them. We have to sign, send back, and then wait for TA- Travel Approval. They give you approval to travel and then our agency will try to work out our Consulate Appointment or CA. Once we have that we can book our flight and go!!!

All in all we are expecting 3-5 months before we get to travel.

We are simultaneously waiting for our renewal paper with the USCIS, which gives us permission to bring adopted child/children back into the country. We were working on getting our paperwork together for renewing this when we received our referal. SO we hope the US gov't is fast about this renewal as we would hate to have the CCAA say "you are good to go " and then still be waiting for US approval.

So THAT is our exciting news! We had to wait until we had PA before we could announce it!

We are so EXCITED! And have so much to do! Cribs, carriages, clothes, high chairs, etc!

At least we have the room painted already!