Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sweet boys

too bad its hard to get a picture w/ them both facing forward!

its been a big week around our house.... Zachary has been wearing undies to bed!!!

He has been doing so great. Hunter WANTS TO WEAR THEM!!! but its just not his time yet. poor guy. He asks every night to wear his undies. But pretty much every morning his pullup is full. Not going to put him, or me through a wet bed each night.

Z could have been wearing undies for a while, but he just this week decided to try it.

also have had a couple of all the way through the night sleep nights for both of them this past month.

if you are like most people you are saying .....WHAT??? THEY ARE 3 (almost 3 1/2)... but a lot of kids who have been adopted have sleep issues...
and we have dealt with them since the beginning.

may it just keep on getting better! (and not have a backslide...yeah right.... we are used to those- just part of the territory!)

anyway its been a pretty good week