Wednesday, April 23, 2008

small world

You know how you run into people from the college you went to or from the same neck of the woods....

well for me lately it seems to be running into people who are also adopting from China.

Yesterday, at work, I ran into a gentleman who is "getting close" to referal. He and his wife live in Tennessee, but he was in town for business I believe.

They are using the same agency as we are, CCAI, and probably will get their referral by August.

It was awesome to see his excitement, and I am excited for them too!!

I am living vicariously through others until our turn!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Latest Matches Are In!

One of the things I get to do is check in on all the blogs of other people who are waiting for their child from China.

I know our turn is a LONG way off, but I keep up with which dates are being matched, etc..

Families logged in up to Jan 9, 2006 have now been matched.

Congrats to all the families who just received their matches!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Nothing new.....

Nothing is new here... The wait for our child is going to be ....forever. Well at least it feels that way. No one has any real estimates on what's going to happen with the wait time. A couple of years ago it only took 6 months. Now the wait is really backlogged. The people who are getting matched right now logged in early '06.

So it has really slowed down. :(

Some couples here in GA recently did their China trips:

other news on the home front... I got a haircut! Yes I know everyone gets them, but for me it was a big deal as my hair is officialy above the shoulders now! Actually its right to the nape of my neck ( and Scott hates it... he hasn't said so in so many words, but... "why did you cut it so short?" means...) Those who know me know I have had long hair for years and years and just in the last few have been working my way shorter and shorter. Scott loves long hair, but he isn't the one who has to take the time to dry it! When it was down to the middle of my back (brastrap length) it took an hour to get it to dry! I'm now down to 10 minutes!!!!! You never know I may let it grow longer again, but not quite yet! I tend to average a couple months between cuts anyway as the way my stylist has been cutting it grows out well. Only time will tell!