Monday, March 29, 2010

when life hands you lemons....make a mohawk!

Say what????
Ok, I'll apologize for the mixed metaphor. I just felt it was too long to write:

When life hands you (a wet mommy getting out of the shower) two 2yr olds who figured out while you were showering how to get the dog dish out of the sink and stand on it to then be able to reach the brand new bottle of baby lotion, and then figure out how to get that working (you know how hard sometimes the new bottles are to get started), and then managed to cover themselves from head to toe in said lotion, as well as have poopies in their diapers all while you are expecting 2 visitors in less than one half an hour.
Actually H mainly concentrated putting the lotion on his legs and body- on top of his clothes and Z decided his hair was the best place for it. And then I got a phone call asking if they could come earlier. Ummmm I am in the middle of a major mess and I'm still only half dressed, sorry but I need at least a half an hour (sometimes just the 2 diaper changes can take that long if the guys decide to not cooperate!)

So, since we didn't have time for another bath......and yes they did do this on a day when we did a bath first thing in the morning..... I got them changed and did the only thing possible w/ Z's hair. Well there were 2 options, either the slicked back look of a greaser or a mohawk. We opted for the faux mohawk.
He really works it doesn't he?

Monday, March 15, 2010

What's new....

The boys are napping and I am just finishing my lunch. So I thought I'd jot down a few things.

The boys potty training continues. They are just so cute about it. Funniest images that I don't have pictures of (so you have to use your imaginations here) :

  • the boys sitting toboggan style on the big toilet (hey they are learning to share- ha ha!!!)

  • the shuffle walk w/ pants around their ankles - this is new. last Friday was the first day we didn't take off their pants when using a potty. we were at the mall and using one of the "family bathrooms" that have those great mini toilets and they were all for it!

Other new things.... hmm..... the boys can jump now. It started last month and it is hysterical.

Zachary slept through the night last night! I normally would say ....wooooohoooooo, but I know better. We actually in the 10 months that we have been home have had one, yes that is right, one night where both boys slept through the night. That was followed by Scott saying, "I think we are turning the corner" unfortunately it was a U-turn and instead of better we got way worse. I am crossing my fingers that once there 2 yr molars are all the way in that we'll get better in the sleep area . (Please, please, please....w/ sugar on top!) Hunter had a pretty normal (for him) rough night of sleep, waking at 11:20, 12:30, 1:30 3:30, 5:30.....and then I brought him into our bed so I could get a tiny bit of sleep

- sorry boys waking up, this is all there is time for!