Sunday, November 1, 2009


I couldn't decide what our little guys were going to be and they weren't declaring any preferences (ha ha).
I ended up seeing some pajamas that I thought would work out well- they could wear them for Halloween and then sleep in them until they outgrow them.
Our big dilemma- found two cute styles. So we ended up having them dress up as both things on different days.
Our neighborhood had a little celebration for the kids, one of the local grocery stores had an event (we won a jar of candy by guessing closest to the right amount- only off by 4 pieces!), they went to a birthday party on Halloween morning( at a place that was all bounce house and air slides- ask daddy about trying to climb up the slide while carrying a boy!) and of course Halloween trick-or-treating itself.
So for the neighborhood event they were superheroes! If you are in the same age frame as I am you might remember "THE WONDER TWINS"
"form of an eagle" "shape of water" etc....

I made the patch for their costumes (and I think about all the homemade costumes my mom did and all I come up with is a patch???????)

They were skeletons for the birthday party and the grocery store trial run.
and for Halloween itself they had on both- it was a bit chilly so they had the skeletons underneath the superheroe costumes.
They had fun going to neighbors houses. They really didn't know why we were going, but they got the point that we would go to a house and get something.
They even started pulling us on to other houses. We only did about 8 houses w/ them and then we returned home to give out our treats.
They were too cute when we got home the barely got through the door before they sat down and dumped everything out of their treat bags to see what they got. They still didn't know it was something to eat, but they had tons of fun putting their "toys" in and out of their treat bags.