Wednesday, February 29, 2012

our music lovers...

we have budding songwriters... everyday its a new song. usually about Elmo, or Clifford.
Today they are singing about an Elmo party. He has napkins, plates, cake etc... oh yeah and then he has a holiday.....

they keep me laughing.

the boys "reading" to each other

the bowling pose

I just love the pose at the end. He kept doing that over and over- the cute crossed leg at the end.

Bowling with the boys!

bowling time!

Fun at the circus

Fun at the circus

The boys had the opportunity to get up close and personal at the circus the other day. Here is just a bit of the fun they had.

Friday, February 17, 2012

so many new things!

The boys have a few new things they are trying out lately. New bikes, skates, and a skooter too! They have been having lots of fun. A few things we let them try out indoors... but the bikes had to wait for a warmer day. Luckily we are in the South and its been a warm winter! So they got to try out their birthday bikes pretty much right away. (Unfortunately the very first day they had to share one new bike as the other frame had an issue and we had to get a replacement part.... but that has been remedied now and they both have a bike w/ training wheels to ride around the neighborhood).

We had to go out and buy elbow and knee pads before our first outdoor attempt at skating.... it is much easier on the very flat kitchen floor!! Have to say I love these little kids skates. They allow you to lock the front wheel so it can't roll backwards. We only have one pair of skates and one skooter. I have to say its working out fine so far..... good lesson on sharing (ha ha). They take tuns and switch, and no complaints so far.

H's tries out skating ... in the house

z tries it too!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

and then there was the haircut....

self hair cut, by H.

that's probably saying enough right there.

poor parental supervision. yep. they have been soooooo good w/ their scissors that they got for Christmas. Till today. I was about 3 feet from them. (I was loading the dishwasher)

H is about to sport a super crew cut. don't think there is anything else to be done.

Called Daddy. Requested he come home for an emergency haircut (he is out celebrating the superbowl).

He's on his way.

I'd post a picture, but I can't seem to capture the chop.... one in the middle of the back of his head and the whole front.... its the light hair that makes it hard to photo.

well, H and Z will have different hair cuts again!

oops just saw there was a tiny cut done on Z's bangs too (also done by H the barber).... sigh....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

aaah the messes.

so its been a while since the boys made a real mess. ... well, they make messes every day, but I mean a
R-E-A-L M-E-S-S!!!!!!!!!!

and I missed a great photo opp. ha ha.

cut to the chase I am sure you are thinking. Lets just say they discoverd THE FIREPLACE.

I'm on the phone w/ daddy while prepping supper. Daddy's on the way home from work. I see the boys sitting on top of their new workbench.... me: "get down".... they do get down. they end up up on top again... "get down or the work bench goes down cellar" they get down. I go back to prepping supper .... still chatting w/ daddy. He arrives home (our phone call obviously stops) he comes in says hi to the boys.... and then exclaims, "look at this MESS!"

AY YI YI!!!!!!!!!

There are our two little guys looking like chimmney sweeps. We have gas logs that have "embers" that glow when the fireplace is lit. The embers (all soot covered of course) are all over the rug.
The rug is covered in black soot. The boys are covered in black soot. Z is rubbing his eyes, looking more and more like a racoon. Soot on his hands, his feet, his whole face w/ his beautiful eyes peeking out. H looks about the same.....

In the mad dash to contain the mess we missed the photo op. Yep. Those moments you should capture so you can laugh once the mess is cleaned up. Well the mess still isn't all cleaned yet. (Day later)

They got the soot on lots of things...ugh. Our rugs were just cleaned pre Christmas. Not looking so clean now. We have a rug cleaner ourselves....but to my dismay it isn't functioning right (we had professionals do the whole house... I usually just spot clean these days ).

The boys are bummed because I took away their new "Lightening McQueen " rocking chair. No it was not a punishment. It was because it too has its share of soot. They love that chair. Punishment enough right there.

BTW... they were having a blast right until daddy came to say hi...... they had their new flashlights and were investigating the fireplace.