Monday, June 29, 2009

are they identical????

We have been asked that a lot.....
usually immediately followed by......How do you tell them apart?
Well, we don't know "officially" whether they are identical or not. And I grew up w/ friends (Hi MKB and EKD!) who are twins who people would swear are identical, but are fraternal.

But the boys look incredibly alike, so for now until for some reason we need testing..., we are going with the assumption that they are identical.

How do we tell them apart? The haircut! We had brought blue nail polish to china figuring we would have to paint one of their big toes and thumb so if we got confused we would have a quick way of determining who was who. But when we received them, they had been given very different haircuts.....something we had never even thought of.

Hunter was sporting much shorter hair all over w/ just his bangs left long.
Zachary had much longer hair all over and they left a tail!

The tail was cute in China....but we live in the south, and down here that is a sure sign of "red-neckage!"

So they tail had to go. Daddy took care of that early on when he gave both boys a bang trim, but the haircut from Grampy C was the first "'all over" hair cut they've received since being home.

There are other ways to tell....but they don't help you when they are moving fast. Which is most of the time.

Z has slightly chubbier cheeks

H has a little more of a double chin

Z and H tend to hold their mouths differently

and then of course there are the personality differences.

Z is more adventurous

H is more social

and right now they each have more of a mommy vs daddy preference ...w/ one of them prefering each of us....which works out well when we are both around.....because let me tell you it sure is hard carrying both of them!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

look what we can do...

boxes are can do so much with them!

ok daily they come up with something new....

Zachary has been doing this for a while, but today Hunter joined him as well.

Monday, June 22, 2009

In honor of Dad!

hey look how good we are doing w/ our sippy cups!

Zachary...styling like Grampa B!

ok, you HAVE to check out my sister's blog...specifically the father's day posts.

now you can look at this cutie and understand why I'm letting him wear this outfit.

He started the day off in khaki's and his shirt, but he needed a change and these were still out from the day before, so we put them on again in Honor of DAD!

he is styling, isn't he.....just like Grampa B!
BTW....they both can now get on the firetrucks by themselves....yeah!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Grampy C gives the boys a haircut!

(out of order) it's Zachary's turn!
above is Hunter..check out the face he's making!

Zachary watches from the back...wondering "am I next?"

mmmm...what's this? Cherry!


So father's day weekend Grampy and Grammy C came for a visit.
The boy's got a haircut, followed by a lollipop!
We know the boys had had many haircuts before, as they didn't fuss too much w/ the clippers!

Hunter has more of a sweet tooth than Zachary. He got into the lollipop a lot more. We actually tried swapping flavors....but that wasn't it. Zachary just had a few tastes and that was enough for him.

Actually he probably would have been happier if we gave him some broccolli instead!

Both boys love their veggies!

Monday, June 8, 2009

6/5- riding in style!

One of Scott's friends gave us two fisherprice firetrucks.

The boys are having a ball with them!

These are the first ride on toy that they have been able to push around themselves (the leg ratio is right!)

At first they just wanted to play with the seat that lifts up and hear the music when we push the buttons.
But now they know they can ride!!!!!

These pictures aren't perfectly in focus....ok my standards have been let was their first attempt at riding and you can't recreate that!

Monday, June 1, 2009

the boys feed themselves on 5/27

The boys got their first chance to "officially feed themselves.
They have of course grabbed stuff w/ their hands while we have been feeding them, but this was the first time they have been totally solo.
Zachary is in the green and Hunter in the blue.
They enjoyed themselves!
ok here we go...

now what am I supposed to do with this again?

look mom, I am using both hands!

this is fun!

we might be getting the hang of this...

check out that level of concentration

mom, I found an easier way!

wow, am I a mess!

sorry..problem w/ videos loading

some of the people who have been following the blog asked why we haven't put any more videos on the blog. Well, let's just call it technical difficulties.

We are still trying, but the videos keep getting hung up when loading. We have tried short videos w/ the same effect. We haven't given up hopefully you'll get to see the little guys in action again! (and what a lot of action they do...they keep me running!)