Saturday, October 27, 2007


So it was a great birthday present to receive our golden ticket! I was off this weekend, but unfortunately the running around that I had to do would have to wait until Tuesday. The offices I needed to visit would not be open on the weekend and I had to work on Monday. I planned on getting a very early start on Tuesday since I was to work a closing shift and didn't need to be in until the afternoon Tuesday. My boss then called an "emergency" staff meeting Tuesday morning (uugghh- there goes my early start!)

Friday, October 26, 2007


It is finally here!

We have been kind of busy running around, so I am updating this after the fact...

After the USCIS supposedly mailing it to us 3 times we finally received it. Who knows what happened to the previous two copies that were mailed. At this point all I cared about is that we could now move forward!

So then it was time to run around to get a copy of this (the I797) and everything else that was waiting to go along with it to the chinese consulate through the whole authentication process.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


So, we are still waiting.....

I finally gave in and called CCAI to see if they knew approximately how long it has been taking lately for people to recieve their "golden ticket" after being fingerprinted. I kind of freaked out a little bit the other day when I met someone who adopted a couple of years ago and they told me it only took 1-2 weeks then. But things change. Chaunda at CCAI told me the norm right now is 5-6 weeks. But she would follow up for me and get back to me as soon as she knows something. So for now we wait some more (which we need to get used to as we will be doing a lot of it!)


Great Grammy wishes you will love to learn
and Mummy and Daddy will spend precious time
teaching you your nursery rhymes

This square is from my Grammy Brodie. It is so precious with the cute little Bo-Peeps! Thank you Grammy!
My camera's batteries died right after I took this one, so I have to recharge before I post the other adorable squares my Grammy sent. Coming soon....


Twinkle-twinkle little star
what a lucky child you are
My Prayer for You:
May you be surrounded by love all the days of your life!!!
Your Great-Great Aunt Charlotte

This fabulous bright fabric was sent by my Aunt Charlotte - my Grammy Brodie's sister hence all the "greats!" I love all the shooting stars! It is so appropriate for a wish quilt as it makes me think of wishing on all those stars. Thank you so much Aunt Charlotte! Most families aren't as lucky as ours is to have such an extended family, it means alot to have received a square from you!