Thursday, September 10, 2009

closet cleaning

they are helpful when it comes to cleaning out the closet too....

Helpful boys pt 2

Do you remember when I said , "If only they could vacuum"?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Our boy's words

People asked me prior to our adoption some of what I would call "interesting" questions.

Like, "Will they speak English?" (the people actually meant at the time when we would meet for the first time!)

And ...the answer, they have been in a Chinese orphanage where everyone speaks Mandarin and also...the boys, at the time the conversation took place, were just barely a year old so not likely to be speaking any language.

We have now been a family for four months.
We have been amazed at how fast their comprehension of what we say has taken place. Now they are working on starting to learn to speak.

We definitely have Mama and Dada and good,good, good (yes its said 3 times....because mommy always says....mmmm that's good good good!)

We have moved up from just MMMMMMM to MI, for milk

We hear FI for five (as in high five or give me five)

Buh-bye- for the obvious

and as of yesterday we have NA NA for bananna

We just noticed that they say CA...for Car (Mommy's car....when we open the garage door to throw out those diapey's they see my SUV)

and BA for ball!

We are getting amazed day by day as they start to add more "words" to their vocabulary!

***Kids who have the primary language they hear change to another language usually have an adjustment period before they start speaking so we are actually surprised to hear so many "words" so early!

We have applied for the Early Intervention program in our state so that we can have a speech therapist give us additional help.

We have also been working on teaching them some signs to aide in communication in the

Their favorite sign is "more"- and they use this one a lot!