Tuesday, April 19, 2011

They saw a rainbow!!!!

Wooohoooo! My boys saw a rainbow!!!! My boys have some vision issues.....that don't really effect us, but it is a fact of their lives. I have gone along thinking my boys may never see stars without a telescope, they may never be able to drive, they may never see a rainbow.....

But they DID see a rainbow. It was a small one in our yard caused by using the hose to water the garden. The sun was shining, we were watering, and suddenly Zachary shouted out "RAINBOW!" It was a faint rainbow. Not a brilliantly gleaming one.....and he saw it....and then he called Hunter over...and he saw it too.

It really was one of those things that is so simple that most just take for granted. But I am rejoicing this small pale rainbow, this rainbow that on prior days would not have phased me. Today. I am thinking that this is the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen.

Monday, April 11, 2011

They are big boys now!!!

Its official. Zachary and Hunter wore undies to school. They have been wearing underwear at home for a while now, but we finally decided to make a go of it and wear them to school as well.

They are very excited. Not that they care about wearing the undies to school, they are excited that I will finally let them wear their "Diego" underwear! I held those off as their big reward. You should have seen their grins as they picked out which ones they were going to wear.

...sigh....they are getting so big so fast.