Saturday, January 16, 2010

peepee in the potty!!!!!

Wheeeeeeee or should I say, PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

We are just so proud!

Hunter just did his first peepee in the potty!!!!!!

We got home from church, and mommy needed to make a beeline for the bathroom. Hunter joined me and pulled at his pants.

I took them off. He sat down, he stood up again looked in the potty and I said, "sorry there's nothing can try again." He sat down again, his cute little feet turned in just a little and he got a little look on his face. I thought for sure he was practicing doing poopy something he likes to do- stress on the practicing part as we've only done it by accident when mommy has caught him mid poopy and was able to get the pants off and stick him on the potty after asking him if he wanted to try.

But I can't believe he asked, made that first attempt , then sat back down made that cute little face and then actually did it! He then wanted to pick up the potty and dump it in the big potty. Something both boys also like to practice. Usually the only thing in there is one square of toilet paper which I give them when they like to play this game.

We did a victory dance and sang,
"you did poopy in the potty (think conga line beat), poopy in the potty!"

just for the record we aren't seriously potty training...just going with the flow so to speak (ha ha).

we got potty chairs to just get them used to the idea, and always talk about having to go to the potty and asking them to bring us to the potty- which they do by grabbing our finger and bringing us to the door.

but we didn't really plan on "training" for another year or so. but when they ask to sit I comply and if they want to go- great!

This was the first time he has asked and actually gone!

As you can tell we are just so proud - this happening before he's even 2 (next week is their b-day!)....but if it doesn't happen again for a year or so, we are ok with that too!