Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mr Adventurous!

A week or so ago we took the boys to Stone Mountain.  (which btw is a monadnock not a mt).

The boys love going here.  We play mini golf, take a train ride, do the kid's ropes course, take the gondala to the top.... that's our usual list.  This time Z was extra adventurous.  While H was doing the kids ropes course again ...... he LOVES it, especially the zip line at the end.... Z decided he was up to trying something new. He decided to try the climbing rock.  He has never done this before.  Closest thing he has tried is the very low climbing rocks on the kids playgrouds (usually  around 6' high).  We were very impressed w/ him trying this....especially as H said no!  Its usually H that is the first one to try some new activitiy. (H tried the more grown up ropes course at Wonderworks in FL this summer.. 36' high, while Z said no way.)  So Z took on this challenge!  He just barely made it size/weight wise to be able to get to do it.  The whole line was chearing for him.  It was great!  He made it to the top and hit the buzzer!  And then he was still in adventurous mode and decided to try the grown up ropes course that they have at Stone Mt too!  They call it the Skyhike and it is 4 stories high.... and Z took Daddy all the way to the top level! (and this time H, who had done the one in FL, thought he'd sit this one out).

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