Friday, August 30, 2013

It's been a while....

so life goes on and we get busier and busier.

the boys started kindergarten a few weeks ago (boy they are getting big fast!)

other big news:  the first tooth has fallen out!

H wiggled it and wiggled it, he couldn't wait ... he wanted to be the first!


Anonymous said...

My cute little them!!! Hunter has a window in his mouth. Gammy

Luke and Stacy Hopkins said...

Hi I found your blog (again) and realized we have a very neat connection-my husband and I are adopting "Blake" that you advocated for a few years back. I'm not on RQ but I found the thread on him. We're going to call him Noah. I have a blog and updated pictures of him Your boys are SO precious! Thank you so much for trying to find "Blake" a family. I would love to know anything else that you are willing to share. We received PA in March and are currently on the LOA wait.

Auntie Christina said... are posting again...I so have missed this blog...actually gave up on it...glad Grammy told me you made some recent posts.....looks like you have your own precious jack o lantern ;)

Glad to see they are playing soccer too....good for you for coaching. My official position is always team photographer.